USNA Golf Performance Center

Project Type: Base Building

Location: 64 Greenbury Point Road, Annapolis, Maryland 

Construction of a state of the art golf performance center including base building, installation of high speed performance cameras, computer systems, site work and new utilities. The Gurnee Golf Performance Center includes a series of enclosed hitting bays that allow year-round practice. State-of-the-art video equipment and swing analysis technology will provide Navy golfers with a competitive edge in their training.

Project Scope

The USNA Golf Performance Center, located in Annapolis, Maryland, was in need of a renovation to provide its golfers with cutting-edge training facilities. Brown Contracting, a reputable construction company with expertise in sports facility construction, was awarded the contract for the project. The renovation involved the construction of a state-of-the-art golf performance center, including base building, installation of high-speed performance cameras, computer systems, site work, and new utilities. The renovated facility now boasts enclosed hitting bays that allow year-round practice, equipped with state-of-the-art video equipment and swing analysis technology. This case study highlights the successful renovation carried out by Brown Contracting and the impact it has had on Navy golfers’ training.

Project Scope: The renovation of the USNA Golf Performance Center was a comprehensive project that encompassed various aspects of construction and technology installation. Brown Contracting was tasked with the following:

Base Building: Brown Contracting constructed a new base building to house the golf performance center. The building was designed to provide a functional and modern space for golfers to train in a comfortable environment. The construction included site work, foundations, framing, roofing, and finishing to create a durable and aesthetically pleasing base building that met the facility’s requirements.

High-Speed Performance Cameras: Brown Contracting installed high-speed performance cameras throughout the facility to capture golfers’ swings with exceptional accuracy. These cameras were strategically placed in the enclosed hitting bays to provide real-time feedback to golfers and enable them to analyze their swings with precision. The cameras were integrated with advanced swing analysis technology that allowed golfers to track various parameters of their swing, such as club speed, angle of attack, and ball spin, providing valuable insights for improvement.

Computer Systems: To support the video equipment and swing analysis technology, Brown Contracting installed a robust computer system that powers the performance center’s operations. This system includes servers, networking equipment, and software to store and process the video data captured by the high-speed cameras. The system was designed to handle the large amount of data generated by the cameras and provide quick and reliable access to swing analysis results.

Site Work and New Utilities: Brown Contracting performed site work and installed new utilities to support the renovation. This included excavation, grading, drainage, and the installation of new utilities such as water, gas, and electrical systems to ensure the performance center operates efficiently.

Results: Brown Contracting’s renovation of the USNA Golf Performance Center has had a significant impact on the facility and Navy golfers’ training. The renovated center now offers state-of-the-art facilities that provide a competitive edge to Navy golfers in their training. The enclosed hitting bays allow year-round practice, regardless of weather conditions, providing a consistent and controlled environment for golfers to hone their skills. The high-speed performance cameras capture golfers’ swings with exceptional accuracy, allowing them to analyze their techniques and make necessary adjustments for improvement.

The computer system installed by Brown Contracting supports the video equipment and swing analysis technology, providing a seamless and efficient process for storing and processing the vast amount of data captured by the cameras. This enables golfers and coaches to access swing analysis results in real-time, providing instant feedback and facilitating more effective training sessions.

Additionally, the site work and installation of new utilities have ensured the performance center’s smooth operation, providing reliable access to resources such as water, gas, and electricity.

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