Rams Head Live

Project Type: Renovation

Location: 20 Market Place, Baltimore, Maryland

Rams Head Live, skillfully renovated by Brown Contracting, showcases our expertise in transforming old townhouses into a captivating and contemporary concert venue. The project seamlessly merges the historical charm of the original buildings with state-of-the-art design elements and cutting-edge technology, resulting in an exceptional space for live performances. Our meticulous attention to detail and commitment to preserving the architectural heritage while adding modern amenities make Rams Head Live a testament to our skill and craftsmanship.

Why Us?

Serving businesses in the mid-Atlantic region for over 30 years, we’re proud of the reputation Brown Contracting has earned through the years, by staying current and competitive in the building industry, always working with the client’s best interests in mind. If you are looking for a leading Maryland and Washington DC general contractor, look no further.