Carrol's Creek Cafe

Project Type: Renovation

Size: 15,000 sqft

Location: 410 Severn Avenue, Annapolis, MD

The Boatyard Bar & Grill, a popular spot for locals and tourists alike, boasts timber frame construction with tongue-and-groove wood ceilings and walls, beautiful mahogany bars including one curved to resemble a sailboat, and custom trim throughout. Outside, the building has a decidedly Key West feel. The result is a new building that compliments the historical surroundings.

A second renovation was completed when Boatyard Bar & Grill expanded to include the Boatyard Market. Due to historical preservation requirements, a portion of the adjacent two-story building, into which the Bar expanded, had to be reused. The deterioration of the first floor was too severe to be salvaged. Therefore the second floor had to be temporarily suspended from the ground while the new Market expansion was built around it.

While much of the island-style of the original Boatyard Bar & Grill flows into the new space, the Market also features coffered ceilings, a tasteful retail area, and large windows facing bustling Eastport.